What is Conscious Creamery Craft Dairy-Free Gelato’s base made from?

Organic raw soaked cashews and filtered water.

Aside from being delicious, what makes Conscious Creamery Craft Dairy-Free Gelato so good?

It’s all in the ingredients and handcrafting. Cashews are a good source of minerals, protein and fiber. We also use fiber-rich fresh fruits, seeds, spices and antioxidant-rich chocolate and cocoa, depending on the flavor.

Where is Conscious Creamery Gelato produced?

Each flavor is made by hand in small batches in our own commercial kitchen in Sacramento, CA dedicated solely to the production of Conscious Creamery Craft Dairy-Free Gelato.

Why are some flavors only available for a limited time or during a certain time of year?

Many of the gelato flavors we create are based on seasonal ingredients available in California. While we try to have some standard flavors available all the time, such as a version of chocolate and vanilla, when you are working with farm fresh ingredients, flavors are based on the quality of the ingredients as well as availability.

What is used to sweeten Conscious Creamery Craft Dairy-Free Gelato?

Organic cane sugar is the the primary sweetener for most of our gelatos because it allows us to create the best tasting, creamiest product without the addition of fillers and stabilizers. We also use organic maple syrup and organic fair trade coconut palm sugar, depending on the flavor.

Can you tell me about the chocolate, cocoa and vanilla Conscious Creamery uses?

The premium chocolate (70% min.) and cocoas we use are always organic and dairy, soy and gluten free and fair-trade whenever possible. We source our vanilla extract and beans from Singing Dog Vanilla, and both are fair trade, organic and gluten free.

What about other flavors and colors?

Our flavors and colors come primarily from the fresh fruits, spices, nuts and seeds we use to create our gelato and are sourced from organic growers or those using organic methods whenever possible. All of our flavors and colors are plant derived.

Does Conscious Creamery Craft Dairy-Free Gelato contain soy, gluten or refined oils?

Our gelatos are free from soy, gluten or refined oil. However, occasionally stir-ins such as cookie pieces, vegan marshmallows, etc., whole cookies or cones may contain soy, gluten or refined oil.

Where can I buy Conscious Creamery gelato?

Conscious Creamery has numerous partners that sell our gelato. Click Here to find where to go.

Does Conscious Creamery have a brick and mortar?

At this time we do not have a brick and mortar but we do have other wonderful businesses that carry our gelato. Click Here to find where you can get your hands on delicious dairy-free gelato.