Top 5 Reasons to Love Conscious Creamery Craft, Dairy-Free Gelato

Shopping at the Sunday Farmers' Market for fresh ingredients

5. Deliciously and Consciously Made with Love:

We use wholesome plant-based ingredients consciously sourced which means you get to enjoy the wonderful full flavor of craft gelato without the tummy aches dairy-based products can cause and with reduced environmental impact. You can also rest assured that we’ve taken the time to source biodegradable cups and spoons.


4. Local Organic Produce is Sourced Whenever Possible:

This means not only do you have the opportunity to enjoy locally-crafted scoops of Conscious Creamery Gelato, but also the unique produce quality for which the Sacramento Valley is known!


3. The Exotic Imported Ingredients We Use are Vetted for High Quality and Ethical Standards:

You can freely savor Toasted Coconut, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate-Hazelnut and more without worry!


2. Connect with Your Inner Child:

Just about everyone has one or two (or in my case, 10-15!) great childhood memories tied to cool creamy frozen desserts, from digging in your mom’s purse for change and biking to Thrifty’s Drugstore for a 15-cent scoop, to chasing the ice cream truck down, to my personal favorite, hand churning homegrown nectarines and plums into the most delectable summertime treat ever!

1. And Drum Roll Please, The best Reason of All:

Treat yo’ self! ‘Nuf said.

Happy Girl!

Olivia SeppinniComment