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Husband-and-wife team Andrea and Kevin Seppinni launched this pop-up vegan gelateria in January and have begun taking their handmade scoops on the road to events around the region. Dispensing with the traditional eggs and cream used in the Italian ice cream, Conscious Creamery’s vegan gelato gets its velvety base from handmade cashew milk and organic cane sugar. Its creative flavors include staples like crystallized ginger with caramel, roasted banana and caffe latte, along with rotating seasonal scoops fashioned from fruit culled from Sacramento farmers’ markets, like pomegranate, Meyer lemon almond praline and mint stracciatella. During their 30th wedding anniversary trip to Eastern and Central Europe last year, a dairy-free ice cream shop in Vienna inspired the couple to return to California and launch their own vegan venture. Andrea, a Sacramento native who runs the blog PlantChef and teaches vegan cooking classes, says Concious Creamery is all about lessening its environmental footprint by using biodegradable cups and spoons and a generator-free gelato case. How’s that for guilt-free dessert

Andrea and Kevin Seppinni, the duo behind Conscious Creamery, stopped by to chat about gelato!

Andrea, Kevin, and I chat about how a trip to Europe inspired them to start Conscious Creamery; their journey to a plant-based diet; falling in love over lasagna; the pleasure evoking memories through of food; why the make small batches of their ice cream; and why they had to comply with dairy manufacturing even though there is no dairy in their ice cream.