Why plant-based gelato? For us the answer is simple: eliminating animal products, including milk and eggs, has a positive impact for animals and the environment, over half the adult population is dairy intolerant, and it is just plain delicious!

We are conscious about what we put into our bodies and the environment, and we bet you are too. This is why we choose to keep our recipes free of artificial fillers, artificial stabilizers, artificial flavors and artificial colors. Our top priority at Conscious Creamery is to hand craft the highest quality plant-based gelato using seasonal local produce. We also strive to source organic and fair trade whenever possible. For specialty ingredients that cannot be locally sourced, we invest great effort to procure them from around the world.

Each gelato flavor is made by hand in small batches in our own dedicated commercial kitchen with love, attention and fresh ingredients. We also use fully biodegradable cups and spoons, and our gelato catering cases are environmentally friendly, requiring no electricity or gas generators. The case bases are well insulated; cooling is provided by dry ice when necessary. 

At Conscious Creamery we’re also conscious about maintaining a high quality of service so that all you do is enjoy delicious gelato at your special event or occasion. It’s important to us that we interact with everyone we serve and personally share our passion for hand-crafted gelato. This is why a friendly trained server always sets up and scoops from our gelato cases for the best experience possible. At the end, the server quickly cleans up, leaving nothing behind but happy guests.